Woman Offers Sex with Library Patrons for Cash in Massachusetts

Brittany Macintyre JPGBrittany Macintyre was trying to star in her own romance novel last Tuesday.
Police in Massachusetts say she was offering to have sex with library patrons for cash. She was eventually charged with prostitution for allegedly soliciting sex at the Public Library in Tewksbury, Mass.
An undercover cop was dispatched after receiving complaints, and the 20-year-old suspect allegedly wrote him notes about her “services,” keeping her voice down so she would not disturb the silence of the library.
During a back-and-forth exchange by notes, Macintyre finally offered the undercover cop sex for $60, authorities say. She was then arrested and charged with sexual conduct for a fee.
Oddly enough, this is the second time within the last year that someone has been arrested for soliciting sex at that library.
The suspect, who resides in Nashua, New Hampshire, is the same woman arrested by Nashua police in 2011 at age 17 for allegedly stealing money and other items from an unlocked car and then using a diaper bag to assault the owner.

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