Woman Wears Stolen Earrings to Police Interview


Candace McCray mugshot

Candace McCray mugshot

A Florida woman was busted after her elderly victim noticed she was wearing her earrings.

Candace McCray, 36, worked as a nurse’s aide in January 2014 at an assisted living facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. An 85-year-old patient notice about $8,000 worth of her jewelry had disappeared.

Later that year, the woman was in a rehabilitation center where the alleged thief worked and noticed McCray wearing a pair of large diamond studs taken in the theft.

She contacted Palm Beach police who brought McCray in for questioning. McCray came in all decked out, including the same pair of earrings.

When cops asked her if the jewelry belonged to the victim, McCray reportedly said, “It is possible. But I don’t remember taking the diamonds from her.”

McCray was charged with dealing in stolen property, false verification of ownership, and theft from a person 65 years or older.


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