Woman’s Freaky Mugshot Takes Internet by Storm

Mara Paradox mugshot

Mara Paradox mugshot

The mugshot of a freak show performer has gone viral and taken the Internet by storm.

Mara Paradox, 29, was arrested Sept. 20, 2015 for marijuana possession in Floyd County, Texas, which is near Lubbock. She was released from jail the next day but her mugshot picked up a lot of attention far after she made bail.

The pot smoker has several face and body tattoos and piercings. The freakiest part: her eyeballs are also tattooed.

Born Chance Davis, Mara Paradox was once part of The Traveling Freak SideShow.

Paradox is a transvestite who was born Chance Davis and once performed with The Traveling Freak SideShow. Before that, she was with the Venice Beach Freakshow, where she reportedly ate glass, hung a hook from her eyelids and stretched out on a bed of machetes.

On a Facebook page, she describes herself as “Dutchess at Hell and Owner operator at Body modification by Airiyu.”


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