Women Arrested After Twerking at City Hall

o-TWERKERS-570BEAVERTON, OR (Mid April 2014) –Three Oregon women were thrown in jail in late April after twerking outside the Beaverton, OR, City Hall. Police claim one woman also peed in the parking lot while the other two exposed themselves.

Coura Valazquez had just paid a fine at the municipal building when she and her two friends – Brittany Medak, 20, and Leokham Yothsombath, 22 – began twerking their behinds outside the city windows. Valazquez, 20, and Medak both allegedly flashed their private parts.

Medak then reportedly lifter her skirt and urinated between two parked cars. Yothsombath filmed it all for posterity.

“There are families here with children, people coming in and out of City Hall, whether it be for passports or paying utilities,” said Mike Rowe with Beaverton police. “The twerking itself, fine, but the fact that they were exposing their bare genitalia and one of them urinated in public, that’s where the concern is. They can dance as much as they want on the sidewalk as long as they don’t do it in a manner that’s offensive.”

The three were pulled over as they left the parking lot. Police found marijuana, cocaine, and prescription pills in the car, said reports.

All three were arrested on multiple drug charges. Medak and Coura, both from Vancouver, Washington, added disorderly conduct to the mix while Medak  must also face a charge of offensive littering for her urination stunt.

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