Worst Burglar EVER!!

DENVER, CO (April 19, 2014) — Brandon Campbell A Denver man was taken in last week after his brain checked out…again.

It is clear that Brandon Campbell, 28, will never have to face the decision of what to wear for an appearance on Jeopardy. Campbell was busted last November after robbing homes while wearing a GPS monitor. Ironically, he earned the ankle attachment due to stealing a navigation device.

But it seems his moronic escapades began even earlier. According to the Denver district attorney, Campbell was fingered in a 2010 burglary where he left behind a soda can with his prints smeared all over.

The arrest warrant says that on April 19, 2010, a Denver man came home to two strangers hanging out in his garage. The two had ransacked the home and stolen electronics and jewelry.

They fled but left behind evidence of their presence – a soda can laying in the middle of the kitchen floor.

A full year and a half later, the crime lab reports finally come back fingering Campbell. Another 2 and a half years go by and the slow hands of justice found their way around Cambell’s wrists (in the form of handcuffs).

Campbell was charged with second-degree burglary, theft, and criminal trespass. He faces up to 48 years in prison.

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