YUCKY! Florida Teacher Makes Child Clean Dirty Urinal

CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (Mid February 2014) —  Gone are the days of paddling. No more F’s because everybody passes. Heck, teachers have stopped using red ink to mark wrong answers due to the “negative” message the color implies.

Jennifer Forshey

Jennifer Forshey

And now, it seems any kind of manual labor is considered too harsh for our little precious winners.

However, a third-grade teacher in Coral Springs, Florida, may have taken it a little overboard last week when she reportedly forced a 10-year-old to clean a urinal she said he clogged.

According to the Broward Community Center School West website, Jennifer Forshey teaches third grade at the school and was arrested for battery after exposing a child to urine.

Forshey, 58, allegedly accused the boy of clogging the drain in the boy’s bathroom and ordered him to use his hands to remove all the urine-soaked paper towels.

“Victims hands were saturated in what smelled like urine from the urinal and the paper towel that was in the urinal,” the incident report said.

The student told police Forshey did not give him any gloves and that there was not any soap in the bathroom to wash his hands after the dirty job.

Forshey later admitted to the allegations and showed no remorse.

“She only thinks what she did was wrong because she is in trouble for it,” said the report.

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